Emily Loves Food

Month: July, 2012

Lunchbox Pasta – Light Macaroni Salad with Veggies

You know why I hate winter? (Aside from the fact that the rain ruins my hair and I can’t wear short shorts.) It’s because we have dinner at night time. And I am loathed to try and get a good photo of some asian noodles or crispy chicken burritos under that garish yellow light. So, […]

Balsamic, Bacon, Tomato and Caper Lunchbox Pasta

How much does lunch cost you every day? Too much. Well, for a poor uni student like me anyway. Honestly, buying lunch is the biggest waste of money, especially when you can whip it up yourself in only twenty minuets, once a week. Every sunday, I endeavor to make a big bowl of pasta, then I cover it, […]

Classy, Crusty Artisan Bread

I love making bread. If I’ve got a day where I’ve really got to get some uni work done – I’ll make bread. Because it adds structure to my day, without taking much effort. I make the bread, and while it proofs, get some work done. Take it out, punch down the yeast. And as […]