Emily Loves Food

Month: August, 2012

Oven-baked Taco Bowls

It’s assignment week: everything is due. Yesterday I handed in a booklet, today I presented my photography, and tomorrow I print my exegesis. So why not break up the week with a little bit of mexican comfort food? I do like mexican flavors – minus the chilli. I have a low tolerance for pain as a flavor. However, cumin, […]

Black Forest Gateau – The King of Cakes

So, it’s my 20th birthday tomorrow. AND I hit 20,000 views. AND it’s my dad’s birthday today. So some celebration is in order. And some consolation, considering I have the flu for the first time since that dreaded swiney did the rounds. Trust me to get sick not only for my birthday, but for the […]

Skinny Lemon and Blueberry Muffins

I love muffins for breakfast. They’re fantastically grab-and-go (especially for those 8am uni starts on wednesday and thursday… yuck) and it’s a bit like having cake for breakfast. Unfortunately though, sometimes it actually is cake for breakfast. Muffins are high-fat little morsels most of the time, and for someone as food-sensitive as me, cake disguised as muffins […]