Emily Loves Food

Month: October, 2012

Classic Kiwi Caramel Slice

I love caramel slice. Love it. Quintessentially New Zealand, you’ll find this little beauty in every cafe and food cabinet in the country. Buttery base, a layer of rich gooey caramel topped off with dark chocolate. I’ve jazzed this one up a bit with a slightly chewy coconut base, which really takes the whole thing […]

Skinny Hummingbird Cake

Nobody knows why it’s called Hummingbird cake. Because there’s certainly no hummingbirds in it. The cake originated in the southern states of America in the 1970s, and  has been creeping into kitchens ever since. It’s a fantastic cupboard cleaner – gets rid of those brown bananas and that old tin of pineapple, along with anything […]

Mexican Rice with Chicken and Lime

I love quick dinners that taste good. I just love’em. I only came across this recipe fairly recently, and was a little bit suspicious because I’m not totally convinced rice salad = dinner. But I was in the mood for some Mexican flavor, and found this wee recipe tucked away. So I gave it a […]