Christmas Marshmallows

from Emily (who loves food)

If you’ve come for the recipe for my christmas marshmallows because you’re actually interested in making them and not at all interested in looking at photos of the candy and¬†reading about my life, this wee paragraph is for you.
This is exactly the same recipe as my Vanilla Marshmallows, followed to a tee, with red food colouring added. You can marble the read food colouring my dripping a tiny bit onto the mallows just after you’ve transferred the sticky mess into the tin and then swirling it with a toothpick or skewer. It’s that easy.


But I thought that these were so cute that they deserved their own post.

Especially since it’s a week from christmas, and I haven’t posted in what – two months?

That’s because Tom and I have been in Thailand and Cambodia. Now this is a food blog, and not a travel blog, so I wont bore you with the play-by-play – but we had a fantastic time.

We traveled to five cities – Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket in Thailand, and Phnom Penh and Siam Reap in Cambodia. Each was unique, and each was thrilling, but our favourite places were undoubtedly Chiang Mai and Siam Reap – both slightly similar in the sense that they are a smaller tourist capital, compared to the business capital of the country. But the people were friendly and welcoming (especially the Cambodians, who we fell in love with), and we packed in experiences.

So I suppose you’ll have to take this as a sort-of apology for not making a whole heap of december treats – but I’m not really that sorry. As much as I love cooking, I fell in love with Thailand and Cambodia that little bit more.


02 05

07 14

Anyway, I employed Tom’s help to make these marshmallows. He’s usually fairly eager in the kitchen when there’s a delicious result, and especially eager when there’s a bowl to be licked.



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