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Chengdu Chicken

A quick, easy stir fry, with tangy bold flavours. It’s super healthy, super easy, and it’s on the table in half an hour. Toss it together with whatever vegetables you have on hand. Happy New Year little bloggie! Cross my heart, I’ll put some more food in you this year. I’ve only just rediscovered the […]

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad – a summer staple. Moist chicken, crispy bacon, buttery croutons and some baby cos, all dressed up in that deliciously tangy dressing. Here I’ve made it lighter by subbing in greek yogurt – something I always have on hand – and you really wouldn’t know the difference.  The whole salad is so […]

Shrimp n’ Spinach Quinoa Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a classic Louisiana comfort dish. Packed with the ‘holy trinity’ of onions, bell pepper and celery (and in this case, carrots and spinach too), juicy shrimp and smoked sausage, topped of with a classic Creole seasoning. Traditionally it would be simmered with rice, but I think quinoa adds an awesome new texture to the […]